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We invite opportunities for partnerships and would love to speak to you
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MillionPlus Affiliates

We work with a network of affiliates around the world for off market transactions and introductions to buyers and sellers. Contact us to discuss how we can work together and share in lead generation and revenue.

MillionPlus Partners

Our clients often require services in addition to our own and we are always happy to recommend partners who can assist.

MillionPlus Listings

The MillionPlus marketplace can accommodate any assets on sale above £1 million (even luxury hotels). We work with private sellers, dealers, agents and brokers to introduce our clients to the products they are looking for.

MillionPlus Blog

We are always looking for contributors for content at MillionPlus. If you have would like to contribute please get in touch. We work with individuals with a passion for luxury and businesses alike.

List with us

MillionPlus offers an exemplary level of personal service to its clients. Every product enquiry will result in a conversation with a member of the team before making a warm introduction to the seller.

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We cater to high net worth individuals looking for their next property at home or abroad, to the classic car collector searching for that rare marque and to the successful entrepreneur looking to invest in art.

Listing with MillionPlus gives you choices.

List and feature alongside other incredible products, choose to be featured in our newsletters distributed to our vast database of high net worth clients or allow us to quietly market your asset confidentially to our MillionPlus confidential client base.

MillionPlus has access to a vast network of wealthy buyers built over the past decade of service from our family of businesses, all looking to purchase high end products ranging from luxury homes to classic cars.

MillionPlus is the only site to market properties, yachts, jets and other high end assets priced exclusively above £1 million. Clients visiting MillionPlus will know they will see only high value goods.

Our audience is growing. We regularly attract thousands of unique visitors per month and expect to grow consistently as our dedicated team continues to develop our SEO friendly site.

Featuring on gives your products a home on a beautiful site with ever evolving content. We will listen to you – if you feel the category in which you are featuring products needs tweaking, we are always open to advice.

We not only have a beautiful website that showcases products in clean, bright pages but also have a team dedicated to increasing our reach through SEO and other.

As many of transactions take place off-market, sellers can take advantage of our full confidential service where discretion is completely guaranteed. Currently we handle a number of special classic and modern cars, investment properties including hotels across the globe and also some of the most prestigious addresses in London.

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© 2024 Limited. All rights reserved.