Astronomia Table Clock Stainless Steel

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The Astronomia is the epitome of 21st century ultra-high-end watchmaking and a globally recognized symbol of Jacob & Co watchmaking expertise. A world-first both in the boldness of its unprecedented concept and its entirely mechanical construction, the Astronomia has gone beyond impressive horological achievements and has been regarded as an outstanding multidisciplinary engineering achievement.

The Astronomia Tableclock presents the wonder that is Astronomia in a bold new way: as an imposing and beautifully crafted tableclock. Its four-armed movement rotates and floats through this mineral crystal- and stainless steel-bound space, finished and painstakingly refined to be admired at every glance. Full of singular watchmaking solutions and adorned with the finest haute horlogerie finishing techniques, the Astronomia Tableclock is an inimitable icon in haute horlogerie; repackaged to be the centerpiece of even the most lavish of spaces where it is exhibited.


The four arms of the Astronomia Tableclock carry the timekeeping organ of the watch, the magnesium globe in hand-painted blue for a spectacular representation of Planet Earth, opposed by a genuine piece of meteorite of true extraterrestrial origin, and the differential-leveled, skeletonized time display. This four-arm assembly completes a rotation around the center of the watch in 10 minutes, surrounded by anti-reflective-treated mineral crystal apertures from the front and every side. Another astounding feature of the Astronomia Tableclock is how each pair of opposing arms are perfectly calculated counterweights of one another – a testament to peerless materials engineering and watch movement design. As such, in a rather poetic way, the genuine meteorite stone is cut to be the exact same weight as the magnesium-clad Earth at its opposing side. By having equal weights on these opposing arms, its axles are relieved from strain and increased pull, as the movement takes up different orientations in space.


American author Jack London once said, “I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.”

There is something magical about meteorites, not only their unique appearance, but also knowing that they are not of this earth. Having a slice of a meteorite on the Astronomia Table Clock, there to admire whenever you want, is special indeed.

Meteorites are exceedingly rare, and the meteorite in the Astronomia Table Clock is from the Campo del Cielo meteorite crater field, discovered in 1576. Cutting a meteorite is not an easy task, and this piece has been cut to expose the unique striations within.

This genuine meteorite was found in the Campo del Cielo strewnfield in Argentina, about 1000 km northwest of Buenos Aires. The Campo del Cielo iron meteorite fell 4,200 – 4,700 years ago, and during impact more than 20 craters were formed in a large area of many square kilometers; the largest crater is about 100 meters in diameter.

The piece inside the Astronomia Table Clock is part of a larger meteorite, which was cooled with liquid nitrogen and then shattered into smaller pieces. The pieces shatter along their octahedral planes; revealing the crystalline structure.

The piece of the heavens has found a permanent home in the beautiful Astronomia Table Clock.

The meteorite travels around the dial with the other satellites in 10 minutes.


The globe is made of blue-lacquered aluminum with gold continents to ensure consistency in weight, as all four satellites have to weigh nearly the same. The globe rotates on itself in 30 seconds, while traveling around the dial in 10 minutes.


The Astronomia Tableclock’s case measures 128 millimeters in diameter and 85 millimeters thick, between the highest point of its specially curved front crystal cover and the lowest point of its case. Crafted from beautifully finished stainless steel, the case features four mineral crystal windows installed throughout its periphery, adding to the viewing experience ensured by the vast mineral crystal front aperture – allowing for unhindered appreciation of the spectacular caliber inside. The Astronomia Tableclock is best appreciated with the case opened and the front lid used as the base of its standing configuration.


The time display sub-dial of the Astronomia Tableclock is driven through an infinitesimal differential system that allows it to always remain levelled and legible as it rotates together with the movement’s four-armed platform across the front of the Astronomia. The Roman numerals on the skeletonized dial are hand-engraved and filled with black lacquer, while the hand-finished hands appear in gun blue metallic. The “Skylayer Front Case” that serves as the backdrop of the JCAM17 caliber is segmented stainless steel with pools of glistening blue aventurine: an artistic representation of the starry sky on a perfectly clear night.


Constant movement of the four satellite arms, rotating over the aventurine dial in 10 minutes

Blue-lacquered Aluminum globe rotating on itself in 60 seconds and rotating over the aventurine dial in 10 minutes

Genuine piece of meteorite of true extraterrestrial origin, rotating over the aventurine dial in 10 minutes

Patented Differential keeps skeletonized time display always in the correct 12/6 orientation

Dial in stainless steel and starry aventurine



MOVEMENT: Manufacture Jacob&Co. Manual Winding JCAM17; Diameter: 103 x 54.5mm; Components: 399; Material: Titanium; Power Reserve: 8-days; Frequency: 21’000 vib/h (3 Hz); Jewels: 41; Finishes: Sand-Blasted; Diamond Angled; Circular Graining

FUNCTIONS: Hours, Minutes Dial Rotating in 10 minutes on the Central Axis, Patented Differential Gears System; Aluminum Lacquered Earth Globe Rotating in 60 seconds on 2 Axes; Open, separated, classic rotating escapement rotating in 2 axes: 1st Axis: in 2.5 minutes, 2nd Axis: in 10 minutes; Genuine Meteorite Stone Rotating in 10 minutes

CASE: 128mm; Thickness: 85mm; Material: Stainless Steel; Mineral Crystal; Bows: Winding and Time-Setting via Stainless Steel Key on the back; Skylayer Front Case: Aventurine and Stainless Steel; Crystal: Unique Domed Mineral Crystal with Antireflective Treatment.

DIAL & HANDS: Dial: Titanium; Hands: Gun Blue Metallic finish

LIMITED EDITION: 101 Pieces; Individually Numbered Pieces.

Listed: April 26, 2023
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