2017 (Q2) HONDA JET

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As is the case with all HondaJets, this aircraft flies higher, faster, quieter, more efficiently, with more cabin and baggage room than any other light jet in its class.

Main Features:
– Airframe: 36 months or 1,500hrs;
– Avionics: 36 months or 1,000hrs;
– Engine(s): 36 months or 2,000hrs.

Pilot/Engineer Training:
– Pilot: 2 x Hondajet HA-420 Type Conversion courses offered by OEM.
– Engineer: 1 x Maint Training for Mechanic, as per Honda Purchase Agreement.

Honda Signature Scheme featuring Honda Classic Blue with Titanium Silver Pearl. Tail cone Speed Brake.

Exterior Additional Options:
SPEED BRAKE: Installs an air brake assembly at the fuselage tail cone and associated control on the cockpit center pedestal. The speed brake enhances operational flexibility, allowing the pilot to easily manage airspeed on steeper, higher performance arrival profiles

Passenger Cabin:
– Executive seating for four in classic club configuration and single side-facing seat.
– Fully adjustable leather seats, and stow-able executive tables (LH & RH).
– Nose compartment: 9 cubic feet of space, externally accessible.
– Aft compartment: 57 cubic feet of space, externally accessible.
– 66 cubic feet of combined stowage.

Cabin Additional Options:
– Executive Seat Upgrade – Upgrades four main cabin seats to leather, installs inboard armrest and under-seat storage.
– Crew Seats upgraded to leather.
– Cabinet Face Upgrade (Carbon Fibre).
– LH Stowable Executive Table.
– Electric Pleated Shades.
– Main Cabin Floor Trim Upgrade – Adds illuminated blue HondaJet logo trim piece on each floorboard.
– Universal Power Outlets for Forward Facing Seats – Installs 3 AC electrical power outlets for carry on devices.
– One outlet at each forward facing cabin seat and 1 in the cockpit.
– Personal Storage Compartments – Installs four storage compartments at each main cabin seat.
– Left Hand Storage Cabinet.
– Life Vests.

Avionics / Radios:
The Garmin G3000 is an integrated all-glass avionics system providing flight instruments, navigation, communication, lighting controls, traffic, terrain, weather, aircraft systems status and alerting, checklists and other functions.

– Primary Flight Displays (PFDs) present flight instrument data and pilot-selectable information in a 40:60 ratio split screen.
– Touchscreen controllers provide the primary point of access for the majority of all avionics data inputs and selection.
– The integrated avionics provides for enhanced situational awareness, functionality, ease of operation, and redundancy.

Included in the G3000:
– Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS)
– Primary Flight Display (PFD) (2)
– Multi-Function Display (MFD)
– Garmin GTC 570 Touchscreen Controller
– Engine Indicating System (EIS) and Aircraft Systems Indication
– Air Data System and Attitude Information
– Radio Communication System
– Audio System
– Navigation System
– Global Positioning System (GPS)
– Flight Management System (FMS)
– Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS)
– Garmin GTX 33D ES Transponder with ADS-B In & Out
– Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS I)
– Terrain Awareness & Warning System (TAWS-B) Weather Radar System, Electronic Standby Instrument
– Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
– Garmin FliteCharts & SafeTaxi, and Maintenance Diagnostics.
– Crew Alerting System (CAS),
– Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS),
– Including Flight Director, Autopilot, Yaw Damper, Manual Electric Trim; Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI).

In Summary:
– Garmin G3000 next generation, all glass avionics system.
– Class leading layout with three (3) 14-inch landscape-format displays.
– Dual touch-screen controllers for overall avionics and system management.
– Weather Radar System.
– TCAS 1.

Additional Avionics:
– Controller Pilot Data Link (CPDLC)
– Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) Receiver
– Radar Altimeter
– Jeppesen ChartView
– Dual Extended Squitter Transponders
– Synthetic Vision
– XM Weather Datalink
– Surface Watch™

Lavatory Additional Options:
– Solid Aft Cabin Door – Adds pocket door between the LH and RH aft main cabin divider.
– Externally Serviceable Toilet – Replaces standard toilet with upgraded externally serviceable lavatory.
– Sink with Running Water – Installs a sink with infrared activated water, includes vanity mirror and lighting.

Listed: July 18, 2022


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