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Total Time: 5474:47
Landings: 2219
Engines: PW 308C on ESP Gold
Engine #1: s/n PCE-CFO235
Engine #2: s/n PCE-CFO-234


APU: Honeywell GTCP 36-150(F2M) s/n P-461 on JSSI

* 10 passenger
* Delivery date: March 2007



* Honeywell Third TR-866B VDR (VHF Mode A Data Radio) with 118-136.975 MHz Tuning Range, and Voice and AFIS Data Communication System
* Honeywell Third AV-900 Audio System (Required for JAR-OPS1)
* NAV. Interface to ELTA ELT
* Aircell ST3100 Iridium SATCOM System w/3 Handsets (Not capable of interface w/Honeywell CMF for extended AFIS range operation)
* Miltope TP-4840 Flightdeck Text/Graphics (80 Column) Printer
* Honeywell LSS-860 Lightning Sensor System
* Honeywell Third Micro Inertial Reference System
* Honeywell DFDR Lightweight Flight Data Recorder (Required for Aircraft Operating under JAA regardless of the number of Pax Seats and type of operation) (Required for Aircraft w/10 or more Pax seats and operating under FAA FAR PART 91)
* Honeywell DFDR — Upgrade to 88 Parameters (Required for Aircraft w/10 Pax or more seats and Operating under FAA FAR PART 135)
* CTS Quick Access Recorder (QAR) (Required for JAA JAR OPS 1)
* KGS Electronics Auxiliary 225VAC 60 Hz Power (1200 VA) (Includes 6 Outlets)
* Goodrich Ice Detection System (Advisory Only)
* Teleflex Tail Recognition Light System (2-Lights-upper only)
* Honeywell MH Entertainment and Environmental Control System (Includes: PA/Chime, Cabin and Galley Controls, 8 Speakers and IR Capability)
* DTSystems Premium Speaker System (8 Speakers, 2 Subwoofers)
* Honeywell MHS (Membrane) Entertainment Controls (2 Each)
* Honeywell 20” LCD Monitor ( 2 Each)
* Rosen 8,4 in Plug-In LCD Monitor Receptacle (6 Each)
* Rosen 8,4 in Monitors Certified for Take-Off and landings { 4 Each)
* Honeywell Mini DVD-C Multi-Region: (1-6) DVD Player w/IR Control (Also Plays Audio CD’s and MP3 format)
* Airshow 410 Cabin Display System worldwide Maps, Static Logo, Flight Information (English and Metric Units), RLI, Flightdeck Controller and 5 Audio and Static Video Briefings (Take-Off, Turbulence, Landing, Emergency Landing and Ditching)
* Additional Russian Language for Rockwell Collins Airshow 410 Cabin Display System
* Cabin Entertainment System: VENUE (installed in 2013 for 1C)



* 10 Passenger Seating (Rounded Look Styling)
* Forward Double Club
* Dining Group and Club
* Window Life Rafts { 2 Each 9-man) and 406 ELT w/Storage
* Custom Russian Language for both Interior and Exterior Placards
* Passenger address system
* Flight deck privacy curtain
* Passenger Contol Units (PCUs)
* Passenger service units 26-inch HD monitor in forward cabin bulkhead
* 2019 Partial Cabin Refurbishment — Cabin carpet replacement; Cabin Varnished Veneer Items rework
* 2013 Paint



* 2013: 1C; repainting of Aircraft (MRO DFS Paris)
* Feb-May 2019: 2C Inspection, LGs OH; Partial Cabin Refurbishment — Cabin Carper replacement; Cabin Varnished Veneer Items rework); Honeywell Epic Avionics EASY Il; ADS-B Out, CPDLC FANS 1/A; LGA Antenne for Iridium System; VDR3 with VDL Mode2. (MRO TAG GENEVA)
* June 2020: 12M/800FH (MRO POLAR AVIATION)
* Next Inspections: 12M/800FH; 24/1600 FH June 2021

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