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Whatever your mission, whether it involves passengers, cargo, medical evacuation or public safety, the VRT500 is the solution. Quick and easy to convert and the only helicopter in its class with dual rear-loading doors, it demonstrates outstanding operational flexibility. This ground-breaking new coaxially-driven helicopter, by Singaporean Aeroter, is manufactured in Italy, with parts from US, Italy, Germany and France.


Always safety first

Combining coaxial main rotor technology, gold-standard PW207 V engine, state-of-the-art avionics with autopilot, crashworthy fuel system and energy absorbing seats, the VRT500 has both better flight control and manoeuvring in limited urban spaces and greater wind resistance.


Class-leading cabin

Look closer to discover very best, industry-leading technological solutions and stylish design features inspired by the automobile industry in the luxurious, biggest-in-its-class cabin. Once aboard, passengers can sit back, relax and enjoy the plush seats and interiors, low noise and vibration signature, and an excellent field of view, the VRT500 stands for luxury and comfort.


Next gen avionics

The VRT500 is equipped with a state-of-the-art Thales FlytX avionics suite with an interactive interface and a 40% reduction in size, weight, and power consumption. This compact, crewcentric, connected flight deck minimizes pilot workload and links the helicopter system with the outside world. The low profile of the avionics system also ensures a wide field of vision for safer positioning.


Coaxial drive turbine power

The operationally proven Pratt & Whitney PW207V gas-turbine is the engine of choice for the new generation of light helicopters. The turboshaft engine boasts automatic control systems, hydro-mechanical backup, and Electronic Engine Control (EEC) with optimized software. Coaxial main-rotor technology optimises safe and controlled performance levels in limited urban spaces whilst advanced electrical motor and battery technology provides for improved single-engine helicopter safety in passenger and air taxi missions.


Business & Corporate

The executive model has bespoke options, two luxury seats, a rear passenger-seat console, and individual lighting so business passengers always arrive anywhere on time having travelled relaxed in a personally tailored ‘beyond first-class’ cabin interior.





*Coaxial rotors for enhanced wind gust resistance
*Cable cutters for safe flights in residential areas
*Absolute ground personnel safety
*SBH-Program nose to tail
*Stormscope for safe operations in various weather conditions
*No mast bumping
*4-axis autopilot for automated flight control
*EEC-controlled engine for reduced pilot workload
*Navigation system
*Hybrid propulsion for safe landing without autorotation
*LIDAR for excellent visibility
*Second fuel tank for extended flights
*Emergency float kit for safe overwater operations



*Cabin volume: 5,3 m3
*Integrated navigation system
*Cabin floor: 4,33 m2
*High-performance ergonomics for pilots and pax
*General capacity: 1 pilot + 5 pax
*Energy-absorbing seats
*Flat multifunctional floor
*Wide doorway
*Swing or sliding passenger doors
*Metal and composite fuselage



*Integrated Display Unit includes Central Computer and large 38.1 cm (15-inch) highresolution LCD for Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multi-Function Display (MFD)
*Standby instrument
*Digital map
*Tablet universal adaptor
*Basic system pages
*Air data unit & probes
*Basic and High-end flight management systems
*Global navigation system
*Flight warning system
*Mode S Transponder
*Centralized maintenance system
*Audio system
*High-frequency radio terminal
*VHF Omnidirect range & instrument landing system
*Emergency locator transmitter



*Pratt & Whitney
*Performance digital data transmittal to cockpit display
*PW207 V
*Engine monitoring to maintain best performance levels
*Number of engines: 1
*Cycle data recording and storage
*Fuel rate control
*Automatic and manual engine start



*Safe ground maintenance and boarding
*High climb rate and manoeuvrability
*Improved safety in take-off and landing
*Higher take-off and hovering power
*Easy flight control
*Landing on a limited areas
*No mast bumping
*High altitude operation
*Wind gust resistance
*Reduced noise levels and lower vibrations


Electrical Engine


*No autorotation
*Built-in system health monitor
*Safe landing for all flight phases
*No extra maintenance
*Automatic activation


Take-off weight

*MTOW (with internal load): 2,000kg
*Maximum useful load: 900 kg
*Empty weight: 1,100 kg
*Maximum external load: 1000kg



*Cruise speed: 210 km/h
*Max speed: 240 km/h


Maximum flight range

*Single-tank configuration: 630 km
*Max endurance: > 5 hours
*Twin-tank configuration: 900 km



*Hovering ceiling: 4,100 m
*Service ceiling: 6,080 m


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